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Maintenance Service

Fisacol Transcontinental Service Ltd has an excellent reputation built on years of providing quality work. Our staffs are professional, polite and proficient. We also offer end to end complete engineering solutions. We undertake routine maintenance to your project using the industry regulatory standard.

We do:

Routine Building Repair and Building Maintenance Work

Facilities need upkeep to look their best, serve their intended purpose and be a safe environment. We can conduct regular inspection on your facility to know the areas that requires attention, and then carry out tasks/activities require on the facility

Regular building repair and maintenance involve a number of activities. Once we complete our on-site inspection we will know what need replacement, repair and maintenance.

We can also schedule a routine of maintenance procedures for your facility

Preventive Maintenance

We can task us to carry out regular inspection survey on your facility. We do preventive maintenance works to ensure there are no future problems. We ensure there are no deterioration of building parts. Such damage can come from water, heavy usage, accidental usage, and other concerns

Protective Maintenance

Structural components like beams and pillars need regular review. We also look at surfaces that need cleaning and painting. We ensure staircases, entrances; walkways get protection from the elements.

Let's take a survey of your facility today. Insure the future today!

Building Repair and Maintenance Services

Fill the online form to get us involve in your building repair or maintenance service. So if you have a building needing preventive or protective repair and maintenance, we are the company to turn to for the best help

We continue to deliver innovative maintenance and construction services and solutions. We handle all types of routine maintenance so that you, our client, can focus on what matters to you. No matter how complex the maintenance requirement is, our unique approach employs seamless processes that manage the duration of the maintenance cycle.

We will deliver on time and within agreed budget by leveraging our understanding of the industry, and our capability and long standing industry experience.

We will help to maximize your asset performance and output. we understand that no two clients are the same, this make us to offer flexible, scalable maintenance service models