Do you need the best structural service?


Building Construction

You need a professional partner that understand your unique needs, know your budget and can deliver excellent construction services. We know that excitement that comes with either building a new house, or renovating an existing home.

We know how important this endeavour is to you, and the team at Fisacol wants it to go as smoothly as possible. We made this a highly personalized detail specifically to each client. Our core activity in our operations relates to building design, construction and maintenance since the inception of our company.

Enjoy direct access to a great team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Take advantage of our consultancy services which covers:

  • Preliminary Work
  • Building Design
  • Construction management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Maintenance Work

Our rich portfolio of building projects include housing, schools, hotels, sport centres, high rise building, offices, factories, hospitals etc.

New Buildings

We divide the project into different phases. These phases include:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Initial Design & Planning
  • Final Design
  • Cost Estimates