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Asphalt Pavement Road Alignment

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Fisacol Transcontinental Services Ltd offers a wide range of structural construction which includes steel structures erections, reinforced concrete structures, road construction (gravel, paving blocks, and asphalt paving and associated drainage structures.

Our company has been in the construction of commercial road work. We have carried out projects in Rivers State, and many States of Nigeria. We provide integrated solutions in all road works with our engineering & construction solutions.

Our extensive experience has made it possible for us to have great strides in road works. From inception we have accepted and completed challenging and complex road works in Rivers State, and across Nigeria.

As innovators, we undertake large scale projects. Our clients know us for quality services, and spectacular infrastructure. We have a team of experienced architects and engineers who out in their very best. We have set a bench mark of delivering only great work, robust and well-built roads. Our benchmark is developing and building the best roads in Rivers States, and other States n Nigeria.

We have been in this industry for some years now, and boast a great portfolio in road developments in Rivers State and nationwide. We have been involved in the construction of highways, roads, bridges.