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We are Fisancol Transcontinental Services Ltd, popularly known as FISANCOL; a registered corporation that prides in her record of 100% completion with zero safety issues. We take our clients seriously from the pre to post stages of their job/contract relation with us. We believe that if you have us in your team, then your problems become ours and your success becomes our responsibility. In FISANCOL, impossibility is nothing; therefore, your project/contract is possible with us, because your success is our responsibility. Our top-notch technical team are loaded with the wisdom to handle any project, manually or auto-motively, whether it be swampy/marshy, rocky, or plain topographic areas: this platform triggers our clients to always trust us to deliver quality on-time and satisfactory projects. Our portfolio covers civil works and beyond; they include, project management, engineering services such as mechanical, oil and gas services, and procurement services. To further buttress the above, our forte and edges are streamlined below:

  • Vast practical experiences.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Solution-oriented.
  • Integrity in service.
  • Qualified, experienced, efficient and effective engineers/workforce.
  • Project completion within stipulated project schedule.
  • Zero safety issues.
  • Working under pressure, yet, delivers quality in good time.
  • Working with/without supervision from the client.
  • We proffer advisory solutions, while on the job for our clients.
  • Quick Facts


    Fisancol is registered in Nigeria with the Corporate affairs commission with registration number: RC 932326


    Our portfolio includes infrastructures, Buildings and Industries – for public and private clients


    Why Choose Fisancol

    Our Quality Culture

    Since the launch of Fisancol’s business activities, the delivery of superior quality has always set the company apart. This achievement has been realized through strict conformity to applicable national and leading international standards.


    Our Vision

    To build a future where transparency fuels confidence, speed empowers progress and quality defines the landscape


    Our Mission

    Through unwavering transparency, rapid execution and meticulous attention to details, we connect regions, shorten timelines and leave landmarks of quality.


    Our Values

    1) People

    – Share Together (Knowledge sharing and Personnel development program)
    – Work Together (Team Spirit)
    – Build Together (Social Responsible)

    2) Integrity

    – Safety, Quality and Ethically Focused
    – Accountable and Honest

    3) Performance

    – Disciplined & Fiscally Responsible
    – Dedicated to Delivering Challenging Projects
    – Innovation and Creation and Passion
    – Productivity-Linked Reward Scheme