Our Services

Livestock Products

Poultry meat and eggs are among the animal-source foods most widely eaten at global level, across greatly diverse cultures, traditions and religions.

Supply Of Eggs

Eggs are sold directly to the consumer from the farm, by door-to-door delivery, or from a market or boot sale.

Food Products

Food products means products intended for human dietary consumption, including, but not be limited to, dairy products, poultry products, meat products, fruits and vegetables.

Agricultural Services

Fisancol Farms Limited with core competencies to enhance, support and guide the growth of your agricultural enterprise. We provide customized business advice, guidance and support to farmers, agricultural businesses, organizations and public sector staff.

Import & Export Services

Fisancol Farms Limited can help you comply with import and export requirements, assisting smooth customs clearance. Many goods are produced in countries where the safety. We gets your goods delivered while we deal with the oceans of paperwork.

Mechanized Farming

Fisancol Farms Limited increases the power applied to agricultural operations and is one tool among many for improving farm productivity and increasing incomes for Nigeria’s farmers and processors. Farmers need to farm and harvest their produce using mechanization to boost their productivity and profits, thus, impacting their livelihood.